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How To Store and Handle Cleaning Chemicals in the Workplace

How To Store and Handle Cleaning Chemicals in the Workplace

From healthcare to hospitality, various workplaces use cleaning chemicals daily and some of these chemicals are extremely hazardous. To protect your staff, every employee must understand the correct methods of storage and handling of cleaning chemicals to avoid any mishaps.

The proper handling and storage are both vital to maintaining a safe workplace; employee training and regular inspections are instrumental in preventing spills and other accidents. Learn how to store and handle cleaning chemicals in the workplace with a few simple methods.

Storage Location

Improper storage of cleaning products can be dangerous. You should store cleaning chemicals according to these basic guidelines:

  • Always keep in a cool and dry area. Extreme temperatures or humidity can adversely affect some chemicals and cause hazardous conditions.
  • Be sure chemicals are kept in well-ventilated areas but away from any intake vents. Otherwise, caustic fumes could travel to other parts of the building.
  • They should be at eye level. This ensures that employees can easily recognize the chemical and avoid spills that can irritate the eyes and skin.
  • Never overcrowd shelves with chemicals. They could break or buckle and cause a spill.
  • Never keep chemicals on the floor—they can easily be knocked over.


Handling cleaning chemicals is as vital as storing them properly. Guidelines for proper chemical handling will always include:

  • You must seal any container with cleaning chemicals.
  • Chemicals need to be kept in either their original container or in a container meant for their hazard class.
  • Never mix chemicals! Mixing chemicals, even those from similar makeups, can cause severe reactions that can lead to burns or poisonous gases.
  • Portable cleaning chemicals always need to be returned to their original location.
  • Date every product; unused products need to be disposed of correctly.

Employee Training

Creating a chemical safety protocol is advised for workplaces who use them regularly. Training all employees on how to store and handle cleaning chemicals in the workplace is the first step in preventing accidents.

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