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How To Properly Store Cleaning Supplies at Home

How To Properly Store Cleaning Supplies at Home

Having a clean home feels satisfying. But cleaning your home is a chore, and going from room to room collecting cleaning supplies can make house cleaning even more demanding. Some products contain toxic chemicals and should be placed in areas away from pets and small children.

Organizing your cleaning supplies can make cleaning your home so much easier. Read these tips and learn how to properly store cleaning supplies at home.

Rolling Utility Cart

A rolling utility cart is an inexpensive storage solution. It’s ideal for storing essential cleaning supplies, and transporting products from one room to another becomes much more effortless.

Original Containers

Always keep products in their original containers to prevent any accidents. Confusing one product for another if they’re in the wrong container can lead to unpleasant accidents when used, such as damaging a surface or more severe incidents. Some chemicals in disinfectants can create toxic gases or even explode if combined.

If a bottle is damaged and you cannot keep its liquid in the original container, safely discard it.

Tension Rod

Be creative and give the tension rod under your sink another use. Hang bottles of cleaning solutions and create storage space for additional kitchen or bathroom supplies.

Safe Places

Cleaning products contain chemicals that are dangerous if consumed or placed on the skin. If you have kids or pets at home, be sure to put all cleaning solutions in a safe place, such as a high cabinet. Use safety devices such as childproof locks on products stored in lower areas.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging shoe organizers are another great option for organizing cleaning supplies. Stash brushes, rubber gloves, and bottles in a shoe organizer and hang them in a linen closet for easy access.

Cleaning Caddies

Another practical tip on how to properly store cleaning supplies at home is using a cleaning caddy. Organizing your cleaning products in one of these can help you transport supplies from room to room. You can have one larger caddy to carry cleaning supplies for the entire house or create smaller ones for each room.

Storage Area

Keep larger cleaning supplies in one spot so they’ll be easier to locate. With the vacuum, mop, and brooms in one designated storage area, cleaning your house will be even more effortless.

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