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How To Properly Put On and Take Off an N95 Mask

How To Properly Put On and Take Off an N95 Mask

Wearing masks in public settings is the new normal. Masks are a simple, effective defense against airborne illnesses. While homemade masks and disposable surgical masks protect large-particle droplets, they are not as effective as N95 masks. In healthcare settings, N95 masks and other personal protective equipment are necessary.

An N95 respirator is specifically designed to provide a very close fit and block even the tiniest airborne particles. Healthcare professionals commonly use N95 respirators, but they only offer effective defenses against illness if worn correctly.

Learn how to properly put on and take off an N95 mask with these simple steps.

Putting on an N95 Mask

Be sure to wash your hands before handling your N95 mask. Touching the mask with unwashed hands can spread droplets onto the surface and make it ineffective. Remove facial hair or jewelry that can prevent a tight seal. Here’s how to correctly put on an N95:

  • Careful Handling - Place the N95 respirator with the outside shell of the mask resting in the palm of your hand. The metal nosepiece should be at your fingertips. The straps need to hang below your hand.
  • Proper Placement - Place the N95 respirator over your nose, mouth, and chin. With one hand holding the mask, pull the straps of the respirator over your head using your free hand. The top straps sit over the crown of your head, while the bottom straps sit directly beneath your ears. Make sure the straps are not overlapping, tangled, or twisted.
  • Adjustments - Check to see if the edges of the respirator form a proper seal around your nose and mouth. Bend the metal nosepiece to fit snugly around your nose. Start centrally and work your way outward on each side using the fingertips of both hands.
  • Tight Seal - When learning how to properly put on and take off an N95 mask, ensuring a tight seal is a crucial step. With both hands over the respirator, inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply to ensure the N95 creates a tight seal over your face during the inhalation. Next, breathe out and feel for air leakage. If so, adjust the nosepiece and straps. Make sure the respirator seals appropriately before use.

Taking off an N95 Mask

When removing the N95, only touch the straps. The mask's body is contaminated, and handling this area increases your risk of contracting an airborne illness. Carefully remove the bottom strap, followed by the top strap.

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