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Quick Supplies' Response to COVID-19
Quick Supplies' Response to COVID-19

KerraLite Cool Hydrogel Dressing, 3 x 3 Inch

  • Soothing, debriding and moisture-balancing dressings
  • The adhesive dressings are constructed from a fluid-repellent, flexible and highly breathable polyurethane film layer with a Pro-ionic gel contact layer
  • An adhesive border enables the dressing to be secured in position
  • Suitable for many wound types
  • Helps to improve healing of low exuding wounds
  • Cleans the wound, debriding necrotic tissue
  • Increases granulation tissue of chronic wounds
  • Limits the growth of bacteria
  • Soothing and cooling effect minimize discomfort, especially at dressing changes
  • KerraLite cool won't dry out or stick to the underlying tissue on removal, reducing the risk of maceration
  • Protects against wound dehydration


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