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Assure Forte Slide Swallowing Aid

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Title: EA (1 ct)

Pill Swallowing Aid

  • Slide can provide a simple, quick solution to both medication administration challenges experienced in professional healthcare facilities and to address the new CMS regulations and consequences for not following
  • Slide Forte, extremely thick, is sweetened with sugar and has a pleasant vanilla taste
  • Slide acts as a carrier and stimulates saliva in the mouth and throat cavity and may help to minimize the chance that the dose will get stuck during swallowing
  • The slippery lubricating gel encapsulates the tablet or capsule, making it easier to swallow and more likely to reach the stomach without delay
  • Slide can be used with tablets, capsules and powders
  • The fresh flavor of Slide may eliminate the unpleasant taste and smell of tablets, capsules and powders
  • Slide comes in easy-to-dispense 500 mL pump bottles