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How to Improve the quality of Outpatient Blood Collection Service

How to Improve the quality of Outpatient Blood Collection Service

It is important to improve the quality of outpatient blood collection services in order to ensure that patients receive accurate and timely results.

There are several ways to improve the quality of Venous Blood Collection service, including:

- Providing clear instructions to patients on how to prepare for their blood draw. Patients should be given clear instructions on how to fast and what medications to avoid before blood draws. Sometimes doctors forget to mention to fast when they order the bloodwork, so asking them ahead of time if they fasted is essential. Or, if you have a scheduling team for bloodwork, you could make it one of your top questions to ask.

- Use an aseptic technique: All equipment should be sterile, and the area where the blood draw will occur should be clean. This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it's too easy to get caught up and miss this step.

- Draw the blood quickly and efficiently: If a phlebotomist doesn't think they can draw blood because of an issue with a vein, they should ask for help instead of placing the needle in the patient's arm repeatedly. Make sure to have the blood collection tubes handy before you even begin.

- Use proper equipment: Never assume it's okay just to use what you have on hand. The size of the needle is vital.

- Label the specimen properly: An important procedure and double-check system is beneficial. Improper labeling of the blood tubes is an issue some facilities have had due to lack of attention.

Following these tips can help improve the quality of outpatient blood collection service and ensure that patients receive accurate and timely results.

Tips on How to Train New Phlebotomists With Blood Collection Tubes

- Start with the basics: Before you can start training new phlebotomists, it is vital to make sure they have a solid understanding of the basics. The basics include proper hand-washing techniques, how to identify veins, and how to properly draw blood samples and understand the tube type.

- Use a hands-on approach: Once the phlebotomist understands the basics, it is time to use a hands-on approach. Being hands-on means having them shadow an experienced phlebotomist and gradually letting them take on more responsibilities.

- Use real-life scenarios: To prepare new phlebotomists for real-life situations, it is essential to use scenariosthat they are likely to encounter. A situation like this could include anything from how to deal with difficult patients to what to do if they make a mistake with blood collection tube additives or clotted blood.

- Have them practice on mannequins: Once the phlebotomist is comfortable with the basics, it is time to start practicing on mannequins. This will help them get a feel for how to properly draw blood and allow them to make mistakes in a safe environment.

- Send them to observation rooms: Another great way to prepare new phlebotomists for real-life situations is to send them into observation rooms. The real-life situation will allow them to see how experienced phlebotomists handle different situations and will give them a better understanding of what to expect.

- Give them a final exam: Before you can officially certify new phlebotomists, it is important to give them a final exam. The exam should test their knowledge of the basics and ability to handle different situations. With a wide variety of issues that could occur, it's crucial to ensure they have all the training to avoid an impact on blood collection procedures.


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